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Monday, 25 October 2021

Professional Flea Treatment & Control

 Professional Flea Treatment

Fleas can be a real pain. It is a common misconception that you can only get fleas in your home if you have a dog or cat as a pet. This is not actually true. Whilst those with pets are more susceptible to getting flea infestations, fleas are not exclusive to homes with furry friends. Dogs and cats are regularly treated for fleas with medication provided by vets, and these are very effective. However, it does not completely eradicate the issue of fleas. Fleas will also live on foxes and rodents.

This is due to the way fleas can move from host to host. They are able to jump considerable distances with the use of their long back legs. They do not fly as they do not have wings so they get about by jumping. This means that if a host has fleas, and you are within 20cm of that host, a flea can get to you. 

Adult fleas like nothing more than a blood meal. These parasites will feed on your blood until they are ready to burst. Fleas are attracted to the production of carbon dioxide, so where there is CO2, fleas will gravitate towards it. Although their initial bites will not hurt, the bite site afterwards can become itchy and inflamed. They are very small so can be hard to spot and their eggs are even smaller!

Fleas can be really tricky to get rid of which is why it is necessary to call in the professionals. Fleas will likely not be contained in one room of your home as you and/or your pets frequent lots of different rooms within the house which means that treating just one room will not get rid of them completely. Here at Devon Pest Control, we will come in and survey the level of infestation and then tailor our treatments accordingly. What we use to treat these kinds of issues is professional grade so it is extremely effective. We will be sure to leave you flea free! Get in touch today.

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