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Monday, 28 June 2021

Bed Bugs In Your Home

 Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bed bugs can be a real problem during this time of the year. They are small pests but they can cause some big problems. They are probably one of the most stressful pest to live with, so if you see any signs of bed bugs in your home, you will want to contact a professional sooner rather than later. 

What do they look like?

Adult bed bugs are approximately 5mm in length. They are brown in colour and oval in shape. There are 5 different life stages they go through. Once the eggs hatch, the nymphs are almost translucent but with each life stage, they darken in colour. As they grow, they also shed their skins so keep an eye out for those!

Where will you find them?

Bedbugs can be found in a number of places, but always where humans regularly spend time. The bed frame and mattress are hot spots as well as cracks and crevasses around the bedroom. They can also be found in suitcases or furniture. Their food sources are humans, so wherever you are, they are.

What can you do?

The best thing to do if you find bed bugs in your home, is to call in a professional. As pests go, bed bugs are one of the hardest pests to deal with. This is due to the fact that they do not require a blood meal to survive for up to 70 days. Many home remedies are not strong enough to deal with a sizeable infestation, and even if you think you have dealt with the issue, chances are there will be more lurking in dark corners. Having bed bugs is not a sign that your home is dirty. There is no need to feel embarrassed. Living with these pests can cause real stress and even harm to some people who have reactions to their bites, so do not struggle and give us a call here as SOS Pest Control.

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

House Flies

House Flies

Flies are a nuisance. They can really spoil an afternoon ice cream or dinner in the garden with their constant buzzing around. But more than that, due to their choice of breeding and eating locations ,they carry harmful bacteria which they spread across every surface they touch. 

During this time of the year, you will start seeing flies about in abundance. There are many different types of flies, but the house fly is approximately 6mm in length and has one pair of wings. They are greyish brown in colour with darker stripes across their bodies. Females usually have a larger wing span compared to males but they are not that different in appearance. 

Females will lay up to 500 eggs in their life span. Eggs are usually laid on a food source. Once the eggs hatch, the maggots will feed on that food source until transform into pupae. They will then emerge as fully grown adults. If the weather is hot, the maggot to pupa phase can be as quick as two weeks. 

Best practices to reduce the likelihood of a fly infestation;

- make sure to keep all food covered
- always clean kitchen sides down before and after food preparation
- keep rubbish bins shaded and sealed
- keep rubbish bins away from doors and windows
- put up fly screens across open doors and windows
- dispose of any over ripe fruit or out of date food sources into a sealed waste bin as soon as possible
- keep your kitchen clean, removing any spillages or crumbs from surfaces and floors

House flies can be a real pain if you have an infestation. Give SOS Pest Control a call, we can deal with them for you quickly and effectively!

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