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Monday, 24 May 2021

What Do I Do About Bumble Bees In My Garden?

What Do I Do About Bumble Bees In My Garden?

Spring typically means warmer, sunnier weather (not that this month so far has lived up to that!). But on the days where the sun is shining, you will certainly start hearing the hum of bumble bees! Technically, bumble bees should not be able to fly as their wings are too small for their body but that does not stop them. All species of bees are so important to the ecosystem, so it is really important we do what we can to help them. 

As temperatures start to warm up, the queen bees are awoken and begin to search for a suitable place to build a nest. Firstly, the queen will need to drink some nectar before starting her search as she would have used up all her food stores during hibernation in the winter months. Nest locations can vary greatly however looking under garden sheds, in chimneys, in bird boxes and even garages are all good places to start. Bees have also been know to nest in wall cavities and loft spaces too. 

Once the queen has found her nest site, she will begin to build it from pollen collected from flowers and a wax that she produces herself. She will then lay her first batch of eggs, incubate them until they form cocoons and hatch and feed them and herself by leaving the nest in search of nectar and pollen. 

If you think you have a nest forming, then it is strongly recommended that you contact a professional pest controller. They will be able to find a suitable location to re-home the bees away from harm or even work with local bee keepers who will be able to help as well. 

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