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Friday, 26 February 2021

Cockroaches- Unlikely February Pests

February has been a strange month weather wise; we have had rain, snow and sunshine.  Cockroaches are not necessarily the typical pest that you would associate with being a problem in winter, however, once in your home they can multiply rapidly and cause you some serious problems! 


Our homes are a great location to settle in, there is food in abundance and warmth too! Plus, a room dedicated to water (bathroom). The three key things cockroaches need to survive. You are highly unlikely to actually see cockroaches scuttling across the floor as they much prefer darkness, and will remain hidden away all of the time. Plus they are super speedy!!


What do they look like?

In the UK you will usually have to deal with German cockroaches or Oriental cockroaches. Cockroaches are known for their very long antennae and flat bodies. German cockroaches are brown in colour whereas the larger Oriental cockroach can be black or brown. They are able to squeeze through the smallest of gaps too so no area in your home is out of bounds.


Signs to look for;

-if you have an established infestation then there will be strong apparent odour

-damage to food packages

-spoilt foods

-shed skins


-eggs/egg cases


German cockroaches are likely to be hiding in rooms that are warm and humid. The bathroom and the airing cupboard are good places. Also, the fans in fridges and freezers are also a favourite. Oriental cockroaches tend to enjoy cooler and damper environments like drains. 


Wherever they choose to locate themselves in your home, they must be near a water source as they can only survive a few days without water. Food however, they can go without for months. When they do eat, they are not fussy. They will pretty much eat anything and everything, even each other.


It is really important to deal with a cockroach problem as soon as you find out you have one. For home or businesses, cockroaches pose a huge risk to human health due to the bacteria they carry. Due to the unsanitary locations they frequent, like drains and sewerage pipes, they will contaminate anything they come into contact with.


Remember, cockroach infestations can rapidly get out of hand, so if you notice any signs that you may have a problem, it is best to call in the professionals to help deal with the problem. 

Monday, 8 February 2021

Mouse In Your House?

Mouse In Your House?

In urban areas, mice can and will reproduce all year round due to the lovely warmth of your home and the unlimited sources of food available to them.  This means that mouse infestations can actually be a problem all year round! However, with the weather being so cold at the moment, we are getting more and more calls from customers struggling with mice problems. But do not worry, SOS Pest Control can help! 

Below we have some information about what to look out for and things you can do to protect your home from these uninvited furry visitors. 

What do they look like?

  • Mice are typically quite small
  • They have rounded ears
  • Their tails are long and thin
  • Pointed snouts
  • Can be light brown/dark brown in colouring

Signs of mice

  • Droppings
  • Scratching sounds in the loft or walls
  • Smell of mouse urine (ammonia)
  • Strange pet behaviour (chances are they will find mice before you do!)
  • Damage to food packages or storage boxes

What can you do?

The best way to avoid a mouse problem is to proof your home! 
  • Fill any access points to your home like loose brickwork, gaps around pipe entrances, loose tiles
  • Secure/remove any easily accessible insulation as mice like to use this for nesting
  • Make sure to keep all food sources securely sealed
  • Regularly clean under cookers and fridges
  • Clean kitchen sides and floors regularly removing crumbs

If you happen to see any of the above signs, then proofing will stop new mice coming into your home but it will not help with your current infestation. Plus, mice are notorious for reproducing at an alarming rate. However, SOS Pest Control can help you. We are fully trained and able to deal with any pest infestation effectively and efficiently. Give us a call today!
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