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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Merry Christmas from SOS Pest Control



We would like to wish our customers, old and new a very Merry Christmas. 

This year has been a tough one for us all and we are sure many of you are looking forward to seeing the end of 2020. 

We have been so grateful to you all for your continued support and business during these strange times. 

2021 will certainly be a better year. 

All the best, 

SOS Pest Control 


Monday, 7 December 2020

Rats & Mice-Control & Prevention

Rats & Mice-Control & Prevention

The weather has certainly turned colder over the past week or so which means that your lovely warm home looks more inviting than ever to rats and mice! Although considered a pest problem all year round, the appearance of droppings or scratching in the walls is more common in the winter months. Rats and mice will attempt to enter your home to get out of the cold and of course, we have a never ending food supply for them too!

Some differences between rats and mice;

  • Adult mice are typically smaller in size to adult rats
  • Mice have longer tails than their bodies
  • Rats have longer faces than mice and a thicker tail
  • Rats are usually dark brown/ black in colour, mice are more light to dark brown

Some signs to look and listen out for;

  • Droppings
  • Scratching sounds in the wall cavities or under the floorboards
  • A strong odour
  • Entrance holes into your home through loose brickwork, wooden frames, air vents or pipes

Our expert team can help you with your rat/mice issue effectively and efficiently. Not only will we leave you pest free, but we can also put in place ways to prevent them from entering your home again. 

Things you can do to avoid issues;

  • Check any potential entry points into your home such as loose brickwork, gaps in seals around windows, doors and air vents.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and tidy
  • Keep bin lids tightly sealed
  • Clean bins regularly and keep away from property entrances
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