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Monday, 8 June 2020

The Differences Between Bees & Wasps (& Hornets)

The Differences Between Bees & Wasps (& Hornets)

Most of us across the UK have been enjoying some of the most beautiful weather over the past few weeks. Such warm and dry weather means that insects such as bees and wasps can be seen out and about more and more. Spring marks the time where the queen bees and wasps look for a suitable nesting place in order to begin laying eggs.

There are thousands of different species of wasps and bees. The most common species of bee to be confused with the typical wasp is the honeybee.

·      Both are of similar size, with the wasp sometimes being a little larger
·      Wasps tend to have yellow legs, whereas honeybees’ legs are brown
·      Bees have lots of tiny hairs on their bodies which makes them look ‘fluffy’ whereas wasps have smooth bodies
·      Wasps’ colourings are typically bright yellow and black compared to bees which tend to be yellow/orange and black/brown
·      Honeybees and wasps both will sting you if they feel threatened
·      Honeybees will die after stinging you due to their stinger detaching from their bodies
·      Wasps are able to sting people multiple times and are considered to be aggressive

Another stinging insect to be on the lookout for is the hornet. Hornets can be much larger in size compared to bees and wasps, some growing to over 5cm in length. Their colourings are different too, they tend to have very little black on their bodies and a range of browns, reds, oranges and yellows that make up their markings. Their legs tend to be a reddish brown in colour too.

We always suggest calling in a professional if you think you have a bee/wasp/hornet issue. They can become very aggressive if they feel threatened, or if they think their nest is under attack. They will sting you to protect themselves which can cause some serious health issues. We make sure to wear all the correct protective equipment and are able to deal with the issue efficiently and effectively every time. 
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