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Thursday, 30 April 2020

Bird Control & Proofing

Bird Control & Proofing

Bird Control is an extremely important aspect of our jobs. Not only are birds’ noisy pests, but they are carriers of diseases which are harmful to humans. Their nesting habits can damage buildings. Their droppings are unsightly, can cause damage if left, as well as causing slip hazards! 

Whilst we appreciate the wonderful British wildlife and of course we are always respectful towards the rules and regulations with regards to wild birds, the nesting of birds in and around our homes or businesses can cause some real issues. We can help alleviate these issues by implementing bird controlling and proofing by means of netting and spikes for examples. These deterrents can prove very useful in getting rid of your bird problem. 

When birds find a preferred nesting location, their numbers can jump up very quickly and soon a couple of birds can become a colony! Their nests are typically made up of any materials that are accessible like hay, hair, straw, leaves, twigs etc. Being typically opportunists, their diet is also a variation. Nests can be found in guttering, under solar panels, in chimneys, in the roof…just to name a few. A dry location is a good location as far as nesting preferences go. 

As we are spending more time at home during this very strange time, you may be more likely to notice birds attempting to build nests or have taken a liking to your property. We are still working hard to help you become pest free, so if you think you have a bird problem, please just give us a call, we can help! 

Whilst respecting the Government guidelines with regards to social distancing and protecting our members of staff and our customers. 

Stay Safe!
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