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Friday, 30 November 2018

 Pests that are bad for business

Pests are always a worry in our homes, no matter what time of year. However, it is not just homes that are affected by pests. Pests can also affect businesses. Pest not only caused disruption to the workforce but they can even damage stock! This in turn can have costly effects on the business by contaminating goods, damaging packaging and delaying delivery of products to consumers.

One of the most destructive of pests are rats. Many businesses a year report that rats cause great amounts of damage to electrical equipment by chewing through wires. Not only this, they are able to make themselves at home in pipes and even packaging! 

One of the most disruptive of pests are flies. Flies are attracted to food sources so where there are humans there is usually food. It has been reported over the years that flies have been a cause of staff illness. This in turn could open the possibility for compensation claims due to this. A large proportion of businesses supply food, or have areas where food is prepared for staff members. It is extremely important that food areas are kept clean and tidy, with food stored in airtight containers. 

If you have any trouble with pests, in a business or at home, please do give us a call for some advice and to arrange a visit from one of our qualified team members.
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