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Friday, 30 November 2018

 Pests that are bad for business

Pests are always a worry in our homes, no matter what time of year. However, it is not just homes that are affected by pests. Pests can also affect businesses. Pest not only caused disruption to the workforce but they can even damage stock! This in turn can have costly effects on the business by contaminating goods, damaging packaging and delaying delivery of products to consumers.

One of the most destructive of pests are rats. Many businesses a year report that rats cause great amounts of damage to electrical equipment by chewing through wires. Not only this, they are able to make themselves at home in pipes and even packaging! 

One of the most disruptive of pests are flies. Flies are attracted to food sources so where there are humans there is usually food. It has been reported over the years that flies have been a cause of staff illness. This in turn could open the possibility for compensation claims due to this. A large proportion of businesses supply food, or have areas where food is prepared for staff members. It is extremely important that food areas are kept clean and tidy, with food stored in airtight containers. 

If you have any trouble with pests, in a business or at home, please do give us a call for some advice and to arrange a visit from one of our qualified team members.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

As if bird infestations alone weren’t enough

As if bird infestations alone weren’t enough

Bird infestations can cause people lots of problems. Not just with the mess they make with droppings (the professional term is guano), but also with their nesting habits and of course being noisy! Some species of birds are especially noisy like gulls although they are most likely to be found nearer the sea. No matter your location, bird infestations can be disruptive to you, your neighbours, and even to the day to day running of a business. 

Some like to nest in or on buildings, in the guttering, under solar panels, and even in the attic if they can get in. In order to build nests they require sticks, leaves, feathers etc which in turn can cause blockages in guttering and drains. 

Due to the nature of birds and their nesting habits, they can bring with them other pests too! Their homes are very inviting for a number of pests including bird mites, variegated carpet beetles and flies only to name a few. Below you will find some information about these additional pest infestations. 

Variegated Carpet Beetles- 

These are commonly found where a bird’s nest is near. They love to feed on fabrics and carpets so these additional pests are more likely to find solitude in your home. Although they are small, they can cause considerable damage to fabrics within the home if there is a large infestation. 

Bird Mites- 

These pests actually live in the birds nests with the birds. They take shelter during the day in the structure of the nest and will look for a blood meal in the evening when they have reached a certain level of maturity. These parasites will in fact look to bite humans for their blood meal if the birds were to vacate their nest. 


Birds are not the best smelling pests, especially in the midst of their nests. This smelly odour is a great attraction to flies. Flies are always on the lookout for food sources, and a bird’s nest is a great start. If a bird is nesting inside your home, the temptation of food and drink is even more inviting to flies. Also, if the birds die then other flies will be attracted to your home such as bluebottles. 

Remember, it is always best to call in a professional to deal with pests safely, efficiently and for good! Please do not hesitate to give us a call for help and advice on any pest problem.
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