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Friday, 28 September 2018

Autumn Pest Prevention in Kent

Autumn Pest Prevention in Kent

With the change of season comes a variety of pests. Before the rain and cold weather comes in, we suggest that now is a good time to make sure your household is pest proof. Below you can find key areas of the home where pests like to nest down for the winter and some great tips for prevention of this. 

Common pests for this time of year include; rats, mice, squirrels, birds, cockroaches, fleas and bedbugs just to name a few. 

Hotspots in the home for Rats and Mice

Attic- This is a great area for rats and mice to settle down for the colder months. It is a cosy, dry and warm space for them to build a nest with great access to food sources-the kitchen!

Prevention ideas
Þ  Ensure any damaged tiles are replaced and any cracks or leaks are sealed up
Þ  Store items in plastic sealable containers
Þ  Inspect your roof space regularly to ensure there are no signs of pests

Kitchen- Being the main source of food storing in the home, this is a prime location for rats and mice to stock up for the winter.

Prevention ideas
Þ  Ensure kitchen sides and floors are clean and free from food
Þ  Store any food in airtight containers
Þ  Regularly clean under sinks, fridges and cookers
Þ  Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink or on the side

Garage- A good space for rats and mice to keep out of the rain and cold weather.

Prevention ideas
Þ  Store items in plastic sealable containers and where possible store these off of the floor
Þ  If your garage has air vents, it is good practice to cover these up with suitable material as these are prime access points

Garden/Outside bins- Although not technically in the home, the garden area can offer easy access to your home and the delights within.

Prevention ideas
Þ  Keep your house clear of tree branches and shrubbery
Þ  Ensure outside bins are cleaned regularly and bin lids are securely fitted
Þ  Do not leave rubbish bags out in the open
Þ  If you have a compost heap, best practice is to have this located away from the house and well-sealed where possible. 
Hotspots in the home for Birds/Squirrels

Chimney-This is a prime location for birds, squirrels and even bats sometimes. The shelter is great for nest making.

Prevention idea
Þ  A well fitted chimney cap can stop these pests nesting down for the colder months

Hotspots in the home for smaller pests

These smaller pests include cockroaches, bedbugs, moths and fleas. 

Pipes and drains within these locations are great spaces for cockroaches. They are attracted to warm and wet surroundings. 

Prevention ideas
Þ  Always check pipes and drains for blockages
Þ  Check sealants around guttering and pipes
Þ  Check regularly for any leaks and get them sealed as quickly as possible

The bedroom is a favourite location for insects such as moths, bedbugs and fleas. 

Prevention ideas for moths
Þ  Be on the lookout for damage to clothes and bedding that has been stored away
Þ  When storing clothes, best practice is to wash and seal them in plastic bags/containers
Þ  Clean inside of cupboards regularly
Þ  You can use traps to keep an eye on any moth activity. If you do find that you have a moth problem, please give us a call.

Above are just some of the pests and problems that present themselves as we move into the Autumn/ Winter months. If you require any help with pests, please do get in touch!
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