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Monday, 9 July 2018

10 Natural Ant Remedies

During the summer ants can dampen the joys of al fresco dining and cause havoc in your kitchen. 

For those of you that prefer to be chemical free in the home, you will be pleased to find out that there are many natural ant remedies: 

1.    Baking Soda & Caster Sugar: ants will be lured in by the smell of the sugar, but the baking soda will effect their digestive system and cause them to explode 

2.    Vinegar: spray vinegar on counter tops and entry points such as doorframes or windows to deter ants from sneaking in and around

3.    Peppermint Oil: just like vinegar, peppermint’s smell disrupts scent markings – try spraying on doorframes, windows and porches 

4.    Tea Tree Oil: (see above)

5.    Lemon Juice: like vinegar, spray this on counter tops and entryways as citrus is a great ant deterrent 

6.    Citrus Peel:(see above) dry out peels and place in a food processor to make a fine powder to sprinkle on counter tops and entryways 

7.    Cucumbers:ants hate the taste of cucumbers so lay in your garden – but do remember to dispose of the cucumber when it starts to spoil to avoid attracting any other types of pests 

8.    Cayenne Pepper: the scout out leaves a trail of pheromones on his way out from the nest when looking for food sources. If you lay down cayenne pepper it destroys this signal and confuses and drives away ants – mix with turmeric powder to make it extra potent!  

9.    Cinnamon:sprinkle in the garden to deter ants

10.Flour:ants hate powdery surfaces so sprinkle on window frames and entry points so they don’t crawl in

If your ant problem gets out of hand it is advised to call in a professional pest technician. You may have an ant nest nearby. 

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