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Thursday, 10 May 2018

How To Prevent The Top 3 Summer-Time Pests:


With al fresco dining, BBQs and festivals taking place from May through to September (weather dependant in the UK!) it’s pretty certain you will find wasps – a notoriously aggressive pest! 

To prevent wasps 

-      build simple honey traps
-      store food in air tight containers 
-      keep grass mowed and hedges trimmed
-      block up any access points to your home
-      don’t leave human/pet food lying around

Although there are ways to prevent the odd wasp, if you see a lot outside or around your home it is time to call a pest controller. We heavily recommend not dealing with a nest yourself as you run the risk of property damage and personal injury. You also increase the risk of them harming your children and pets. 

See our contact details below to arrange a visit…

Carpet Beetles

These pests are known for damaging clothes, furniture, carpets and other materials in your home. 

Fortunately they are quite easy to prevent with these few steps

To prevent carpet beetles: 

-      vacuum daily, especially darker areas like wardrobes and fabrics (simple) 
-      vacuum fabrics that you can’t put in the washing machine also
-      steam carpets, furniture and materials in your home (this kills larvae) 
-      use an insecticide for carpets that contains IGR (insect growth regulator – this makes sure eggs don’t hatch)
-      use glue traps

If you find the problem gets out of control call a pest technician for a professional extermination (see details below)


During the summer months long walks outside with your pets are most enjoyable until… they bring in unwanted fleas or ticks.

When either arrive into your home it can take weeks to stop the infestation, so we recommend prevention rather than cure when possible! 

To prevent fleas/ticks: 

-      if you have a garden make sure that you keep the grass mowed and the shrubs well trimmed – ticks and fleas needed places to hide
-      deter animals such as rats and foxes (classic flea carriers) by putting down the correct poison and not leaving out human/pet food
-      if you have pets make sure you keep up with flea and tick treatments
-      vacuum regularly

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