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Thursday, 19 April 2018

What Pest Control IS Vs. What You Think It Is...

What Pest Control IS Vs. What You Think It Is

When you call on the services of a professional pest control service, you have an expectation of the service that you will get. Caught in the midst of a pest “infestation” you are probably hoping that within seconds of setting foot on your property, any pest that has dared to invade your home will run off, tail between their legs and never re-appear, the threat of extermination is so strong.
But it doesn’t happen. So, what does happen when our pest control technicians show up at your door?

Treatment solutions varies from one company to another

You may have had a different pest control company last time who said they would treat the problem in such a way but when we arrive, we say we are going to deal with it in another way.
There are many reasons why this happens. As well as professional preference, pest control is a dynamic industry and one that has to adapt quickly to the changes in pest problems and behaviours. It is also an industry that is continually developing new methods, techniques and treatments for dealing with pest problems.
In other words, what was used the last time to deal with a problem, may no longer be a suitable option.

Treatment options depending on the nature of the beast

Quite literally, not only will treatment depend on which pest we are dealing with, it will also depend on the severity of the pest problem.
For example, a bedbug infestation may take several treatments, even though the infestation is considered ‘light’.
How we deal with wasps is different to how we would deal with bees. How we rid a property of cockroaches is different to how we deal with a flea infestation.
It is important to understand that no matter what the pest is, or where it is, that professional pest control offers;
·      Humane solutions – no animal, bird or mammal should suffer unnecessarily and so, every solution must be humane. Are you confident you could deliver that? We are!
·      Safe options – from children to pets, members of the public and your own safety, some pest control solutions will differ depending on who use the area and so on.
·      Effective treatment – you want pest control treatments and solutions to work. Some over-the-counter remedies spread the problem, rather than dealing with it.

Treatment depends on the severity of the problem

You may have spotted one brown rat in the garage or cellar. But once on site, we may find that the problem is bigger than you thought.
The nature and severity of the problem dictate the solution!

Sometimes, we need to come back

We do our very best to rid you of your pest problem – something people find distressing and uncomfortable – as soon as we can. And this can mean coming back but this is not a sign of failure, rather a signal of the pest we are dealing and possibly the severity of the problem too.
It can take time, as well as effective treatment and methods, to be rid of a pest problem. And for some pests – and customers too, especially commercial or business customers – pest control is an ongoing task, rather than a one-off solution.

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