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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Top 10 Pests of 2017

What Were the Top 10 Pests of 2017?

The end of one year signals all kinds of charts from ‘the best of…’ to the ‘the worst of…’. Pest control is no different. But what pests did we deal with most over the course of last year? Could 2018 follow the same course?

#1 Rats

The brown rat sends shivers down many spines and with them seemingly not only getting bigger but more prevalent in cities and town, the rat is top of the list when it comes to pests we frequently deal with. We can’t see rats becoming less of a problem in the coming year either.

#2 Bedbugs

Once almost eradicated from the UK, the bedbug is back with a vengeance – and has been for the last decade. Our ability to travel further and wider means that the opportunistic bug is more than able to make their way from one country to another. Recent newspaper stories on ‘bedbugs on planes’ has added fuel to this argument. Bedbugs will remain a key pest in 2018.

#3 Birds

Pigeons and seagulls have been the reason for many calls to our office last year. Slowly, we are beginning to change our ways so that there are fewer opportunities for this birds to feed. Investing in humane bird proofing measures is the only way forward.

#4 Mice

A rodent cousin of the rat, we have received many requests for help with mice in outbuildings and cellars etc. Inclement weather, as well as more building and construction, has meant that the mouse finds his habitat increasingly under threat.

#5 Wasps and Bees

Neither of these insects will ever stop being a hazard to human health where they nest too close to property. Bees are not protected in the UK, but our clients have asked that we take care of them rather than exterminate. We also less willing to share our homes with bugs and insects.

#6 Flies

Halfway through our list and we come across flies. Tending to swarm where there is ‘rotting matter’ they can quickly turn into an issue. Less frequent bin collections are part of the problem, as well as damaged bins.

#7 Moths

Moths fly in through open windows, laying their eggs on natural fibres. The recent penchant for returning to natural materials for bedding and clothing has been the driving force behind this surprising increase in calls regarding moths.

#8 Cockroaches

For commercial food customers in Kent, in particular, cockroaches remain an issue of which they are ever vigilant. With high cleaning standards as well as preventive measures, we have helped hundreds of customers to keep food preparation areas and kitchens cockroach free.

#9 Spiders

A wet autumn caused an influx of calls for help with spiders in properties. Not everyone’s favourite creepy-crawly, spiders in Kent don’t present a hazard to human health.

#10 Ants

Dry, warm springs followed by a warm summer can lead to an explosion in the ant population. Ant powder may work on small sights, but when there are breakaway colonies, the problem requires something a little more.

Some pests on this list should only be dealt with by a professional pest controller, but we have solutions for all pests!
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