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Monday, 6 November 2017

10 Things Your Pest Control Team Want You to Know PART 1

In this two-part series, we reveal what our team of expert pest controllers wished our customers knew about pests, what they are, how to prevent them and how we deal with them.

#1 A tidy kitchen is not enough to keep pests at bay

Pests are attracted to our homes for many reasons, but the possibility of an almost-unlimited food supply is one of them. And so, customers assume that by keeping their kitchen in great shape, pests – mainly creepy crawly bugs and insects like cockroaches and fleas – are kept at bay.
But good maintenance needs to be across the home, not just in hot spots like the kitchen. Clean out gutters, remove bird’s nests (contact our team before you do!), allowing rubbish and detritus accumulate outdoors and so on, all wave a flag to pests saying, ‘come and live here!’.

#2 Some bugs just can’t be prevented

We’ve written on them. We’ve dealt with them. And the truth is this: no amount of preventative measures, from cleaning to essential oils, will keep the bud bug from hitching a lift and making your mattress its home. So here are our tips:
·      Think twice about buying second-hand furniture – always check for pests including the bed bug in upholstery and woodworm in the wood.
·      Unpack in the garage – been on hols? Great, but unpack your suitcase in the garage and that way, any opportunist bed bug will not make it into your home.

#3 Pest controllers do a lot, but we can’t do it all by ourselves…

We do everything we can – and we have a wide range of tools and methods – to rid your home of a pest. But we need your help. It’s frustrating when we give a customer preventative advice that WILL stop the problem from happening again, only to be called back days, weeks or months to deal with the same problem. Again.

#4 … but, don’t try to fix the problem yourself

From buying remedies that are expensive and don’t work, to not using the substance in the right way, some of the steps you take to get rid of a pest can make the problem worse. And that means it is harder for us to deal with the problem.
In turn, this means we spend more time and effort ridding your property of a pest which, if you had called us sooner and not tried to get rid of it yourself, would have been a quicker and cheaper pest control assignment.

#5 No sightings of pests does not mean they are not there…

Winter, for example, is the time that some pests decide that they too want to live in a warm, cosy environment, safe from hungry predators and chilly winter weather. Mice, rats, squirrels, spiders, bugs of all kinds all make their way to the warmth of our home.

But just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they are not there. You need to be vigilant all year round for pests and this means sealing holes or crevices in walls, and other tactics for keeping pests at bay.
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