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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Mice in Dartford Pub - Rodent problems?

“Mice Spotted at Dartford Pub!”

The Problem with Rodents

It was a headline that would send shivers down any business owner’s spine. Diners enjoying an evening meal spotted not one, but two mice skittering along the floor of a Dartford pub whilst they ate.

With food crumbs under tables, it was rich picking for the mice. Normally creatures who run from human company, why were these mice so brazen in their movements in a crowded pub and dining area? What can you do to reduce the possibility of mice in and around your home?


Life is full of opportunities, isn’t it? And the same is true for the humble field mouse, the small, brown rodent seen running along the edge of the pub dining room, heading for the cover and safety of a sofa, followed quickly by another mouse.

     I.         Food

First and foremost, the opportunity of nibbling on scraps was too good an opportunity to pass. With other hungry mouths to feed, the mice were enjoying a veritable feast of crumbs and snacks beneath tables and chairs.

Even the thought of being in human company was not enough to put them off. Diners were obviously critical and put off their meal – and rightly so – and said that the crumbs under the table were clearly the cause of the problem.

Food scraps left out in this way were contributing to the problem but the bad news is, if there are mice IN the premises, there is bound to be more nearby. In other words, the mouse problem is bigger than you think…

   II.         Weather

Just as there are opportunities, there are also threats and for the mouse, the biggest threat other than next door’s cat is the weather. Periods of prolonged heat or rain will make their normal food source scarce. They really don’t want to take the risk of being spotted by humans, but when hungry, they will take a chance.

This story was from early December 2016. And, according to the Met Office, we had a mild winter with December in particular in southern counties being drier than average. Could it be that the natural food source of mice was not as bountiful as it would normally be?

A Bigger Pest Control Problem

The abundance of food and possibly the drier than average weather experienced in the region may have contributed to mice being more of a problem.

Mice, like most pests, are attracted to places that offer them abundant food and great places to nest. They want to raise their young in warm, safe places, where there are few predators – and that includes humans.

In essence, when mice or any other pest are left alone, they will thrive. Thus, all food businesses, from food storage facilities to restaurants, pubs and cafes know that being constantly vigilant and pro-active in their pest control activities is critical to the continued success of their business.

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