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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Summer Pests Part 3 – The Ant, The Moth, The Spider and The Beetle

Summer Pests Part 3 – The Ant, The Moth, The Spider and The Beetle

There are all kinds of summer insects that cause us problems. Some are nothing more than an inconvenient nuisance but other deliver a nasty sting, such as the wasp that we looked in part 1 of the summer series and the bee in part 2.
Now we turn our attention to other summer insects and how they can be dealt with…

The Garden Ant

Like the wasp and some species of bees, the garden ant can build a nest that contains thousands of ants.
There are different species of ant but the one we most commonly deal with is the garden ant. Dark red or brown in colour, they enjoy sandy, lighter soil that they can easily move through and around on. They can also make their nests in the foundations of a building, as well as under patios and decking which can be a nuisance when you are trying to enjoy the summer sun.
Providing food for birds and other insects, the ant is a common sight in gardens across the UK. Unfortunately, it likes sugary-sweet foods and that means the jar of jam, or the half-eaten apple etc. left on the outdoor table.
Once one ant finds a food source, it tells the colony and, forming an orderly line to and from the food source, they will continue to traipse back and forth to their nest with pieces of food.
A nuisance, but not dangerous to health.

The Moth

Pest controllers all across the UK are bracing themselves for the number of calls relating to moth infestations to continue rising. The mild winter has favoured the moth and with the super-pest Diamondback moth making an appearance in the UK, there are concerns that food crops will be damaged.
In the case of the homeowner, moths are more likely to be clothes or carpet moths, both of which enjoy chewing on natural fibres. If you see tell-tale signs of damage and a ‘musty’ smell, give our team a call.

The Spider

There are around 660 species of spider in the UK, some of which are more prone to enjoy the safety of your home than others.
People can have very real fear of spiders and whilst one in the bath every now and then is something most of can cope with, but finding spiders - and their babies - in the home can far more traumatic.
Like most insects, spiders will use your home as a place of safety rather than invading it to try and take over. If you so keep seeing a lot of spiders hanging about, then you will need to call our expert spider removal team.

The Beetle

The carpet beetle, like other insects becomes more active with the warmth of spring and summer. They can often be found in May and June looking for egg laying sites. Your carpets and soft furnishings with a minimal amount of natural fibres are the perfect places to lay eggs.
Unfortunately, the emerging larvae chew a hold in the fabric leaving to expensive damage in carpets, sofas and curtains too.

Again, our team can help! What other summer insects cause a nuisance?
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