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Friday, 12 May 2017

SOS Garden Maintenance Services in Kent

Summer Garden Maintenance – Getting the Essentials Done!

Have you noticed how with light spring rain followed by an afternoon of warm spring sunshine leads to your garden all of a sudden springing back into life?
It is lovely to see but within days, your garden can take on the appearance of being a wilderness. Great for encouraging wildlife into your garden, it is not so great for when you are short of time but want your garden looking great.
That’s why you need our garden maintenance service. But what is it that we do, and why is this great news for keeping pests at bay?

Regular Maintenance Tasks

There are some tasks that are not only essential but need to be a regular feature in your weekly gardening schedule.
Mowing the lawn, for example, should be done weekly. It should also be aerated to prevent compaction of the roots, scrapped to get rid of moss and watered regularly. To keep it lush and green, always weed it and give it a feed with a high-quality fertiliser every now and then. You may also need to re-seed patches too.
The biggest mistake made with lawns is cutting them too short, especially when the weather is dry. The root system of grass is not large thus, when the top layer of moisture in the soil evaporates, it soon looks parched. Thus, when the weather promises a dry run of weather, take it easy on the lawn.

The Meadow Look

In recent years, gardeners are being encouraged to leave a part of their garden ‘wild’. That is leave the grasses longer, the nettles unpicked and plenty of wild flowers. The idea is to attract wildlife, from buzzing bees to garden-friendly insects and garden birds.
BUT, the meadow look can hide many other animals that are a nuisance. Rodents are best not encouraged although a family of field mice can be cute. Rats, however, are not. Long growth provides cover for rats and some other pesky pests – if you notice a problem, our team can help.

Annual Maintenance Tasks

Trees and shrubs add so much to a garden. Depending on their species, they can year-round colour and will also make great nesting sites for all kinds of garden birds.
However, they need to be kept in shape, not just that they look great but also to maintain their health and vigour. If a shrub or tree is allowed to grow too straggly, it becomes weak, leading to damage in winter storms.
Pruning most shrubs and some trees should happen in the warmer months of spring and summer. This prevents cold and frosty nights from penetrating the shrub, a problem that can lead to part or all of it dying.
Hedges are fantastic for privacy screening your garden and property but again, can become a nuisance when they have a growth spurt. If your hedges back onto a public highway or path, if you don’t keep them trim and in shape, you may face the wrath of the local council.

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