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Monday, 3 April 2017

Could ‘Green’ Pest Control Be the Future?

Could ‘Green’ Pest Control Be the Future?

Pest control is a profession that is changing beyond all recognition.
For example, many years ago, the pest controller was styled as an urban ‘game keeper’. They kept all kinds of animals and bugs at bay, using whatever method they felt fit.
This meant laying poison and walking away, in most cases.
But, it became clearer that as a society, we no longer want everything removed or exterminated at all costs. The law dictates that no bird or animal should suffer unnecessarily. Likewise, it was found that other non-target species were being killed or hurt in our pursuit of getting rid of ‘a pest’.
Laws and regulations have changes. The pest controller is a professional with increasing responsibilities at a time when we are no longer willing to tolerant pests, and want them dealt with quickly, safely, humanely and responsibly.

The ‘Green’ Option

Recycling, upcycling, living in harmony with our surroundings rather than stripping it of everything that is valuable, is now a way of life for all of us. It has filtered across many avenues in our daily life
and it is now working its way into pest control. Although some pest controllers have long maintained that they have been contributing to looking after the environment.
The green pest control movement is not about not using poison or live traps – it means using these sparingly. It’s about more than that.
Rather than being labelled as green pest control, the pest control profession is calling it Integrated Pest Control Management. But what is it?

Integrated Pest Control Management – the Facts

Pest control in many ways, is the response of a professional to a call for help from domestic and business customers ‘under siege’ from a particular pest, whether it is a bedbug infestation or rats in the basement.
Clearly, there are pests that need dealing with quickly and efficiently – like rodents. This is one part of the job.
The second part of the job is prevention advice, making changes that will impact on stopping it happening again, or reducing the frequency and scale of an infestation.
And there is a third part – pest proofing, management and control, which doesn’t necessarily mean eradication or extermination. This is because integrated pest control management is an understanding that although a pest, these animals, birds and bugs are an important part of our living and breathing earth.
We just don’t want them living in our homes, sharing our beds and wrecking our environment.

How is Integrated Pest Management ‘Green’?

When pest control is managed with a proactive approach from a qualified pest control company and its technicians, the use of insecticides and pesticides can be reduced by a whopping 90%.
By promoting how to prevent pests in and around properties, domestic and business, pests can be less of a problem.

Green pest control and integrated pest control management is about information, advice and prevention, something that many professional pest controllers have been doing for a long time.

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