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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Nightmare Pests and Neighbours

Nightmare Pests and Neighbours

What if the pest problem is caused by next door?

It is a question we are commonly asked when we attend properties to help homeowners and tenants with a pest problem.
It is a common concern. In towns and cities, we live in close proximity to each other, sharing driveways and walkways, and sometimes gardens  too. What this means is, that providing community spirit is united, keeping outside spaces clean and tidy will keep most pests at bay.
But there are some pest problems that can make their way into your home from next door, such as a large infestation of bedbugs. No matter how many times you treat the problem, if you neighbours are not doing the same, the pest problem will not go away.

Step 1 – Have a Chat with Your Neighbours

Pest problems are a delicate subject to discuss with anyone, especially with people who you may not know that well.
Pest infestations can be embarrassing, which puts people on the defensive. So, pick your words carefully. Informing your neighbours, for example, that you have contacted pest control over a pest problem – rats in the garden, bugs and so on – is a way of opening up the conversation. You could tell them that the pest control company has suggested that gardens are cleared of rubbish and so on to prevent the problem happening again.

Step 2 – Contact Environmental Health

The kindest words can fall on deaf ears. But there are also occasions where your neighbour, such as someone who is elderly or vulnerable, will not be able to deal with the problem themselves. It may also be a case that they cannot afford the professional services of a pest control company.
There are some pests that the local council must deal with but there are some that they don’t and thus they will charge for their services. However, if it is obvious there are other issues causing the problem, the local Environmental Health department may be able to step in.

Step 3 – Community Help

There have been cases in which the local community has come together to make the outside of their properties a nicer, safer and pest-free place for all concerned.
Residents helping other residents to clear their gardens for example, are common stories. By doing so, they have been able to remove possible nesting sites of many potential pests, but especially rodents.

How We Can Help

As part of our treatment service, we also examine how pests can be prevented from becoming a problem in the future.
As well as working with you, we can also alert your neighbours to potential problems. We may be able to persuade them to allow us to help them too.
With rented properties, you can contact the landlord and under certain rules and regulations which the local council can enforce, they may have to deal with pest problems – or face a fine.

The worst thing you can do, is to do nothing. Pest problems rarely go away on their own. In fact, in most cases, pest infestations simply grow and grow…
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