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Monday, 20 February 2017

Dealing with Fleas

Dealing with Fleas

Along with headlines about super-bedbugs infesting London, there are headline that appear regularly in various parts of the press relating to fleas.
Warm winters, lack of sub-zero temperatures, global warming as well as fleas resistant to everything on the planet are blamed for the annual infestation of fleas… or are they?

Is There a Flea Problem in the UK?

Fleas have been around for millennia, adapting their bodies and breeding cycles so that they remain embedded in the planet.
For us, that is bad news because it means that they are an ongoing problem that must be dealt with. And, common to widely held belief, fleas don’t just affect households with pets: they enjoy biting pets and humans. Or just humans.

How Do You Know It’s Fleas and Not Some Other Pesky Critter?

Fleas, like many other bugs and insects, bite humans to feast on our blood. Bedbugs do the same but, with fleas, the bites tend to be haphazard with no pattern to them (bedbugs leave bites in straight lines) and they also bite around the ankles and wrist, although they will bite anywhere on the body.
You may also see them jumping or hopping about and, if you do have a pet, they will also be scratching more than normal. When you part their fur, you will see zillions of black ‘dots’ – this is flea poop – and you may also catch sight of them scuttling about.

Got Fleas?

If you are positive the problem is down to fleas this is what you do;
·       Treat your pet using the latest prescription flea treatment from your vet
·       Vacuum everything and then empty the content of the vacuum into the outside bin
·       Wash the filters from your vacuum, if it has any
·       Wash bedlinen and as much of the soft furnishings as possible
·       Be vigilant…
You could buy in the professional and affordable services of a local pest controller.
The problem with fleas is their hardiness and tenacity for hiding in plain sight. There are many over-the-counter remedies that claim they work, but do very little.
There are some things you do to get rid of fleas that can actually make the problem worse;
·       NOT treating your home and pets on the same day renders any treatments for your pet or your home effectively useless.
·        Some products scatter the fleas rather than killing them, such as ‘flea bombs’
·    Fleas do become resistant to popular flea treatment products and so the money you have spent on sprays is wasted
·      Some treatments you ‘spray and leave’ so that it affects every part of the flea lifecycle – vacuuming too soon stops this process from working

Fleas and other bugs, can quickly become an infestation. But with our discreet service, your home will be flea-free in no time… providing you get Fido and Fluffy treated for fleas too!

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