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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

10 Things a pest Controller Wants You to Know – Part 2

10 Things a pest Controller Wants You to Know – Part 2

In part one, we looked at the first five things we want you to know. In this post, we look at the remaining five things.

#6 We don’t treat head lice

Like bedbugs, head lice for families with primary school aged children are a constant nuisance. Just as you have cleared one lot of bugs from the heads of everyone in your house, they are back again.
Pest controllers do not deal with head lice and no, there is nothing in your home that is causing or contributing to head lice problems. They are a pesky nuisance that is carried by and shared from one person or child to another. If all parents and carers treated their children at the same time and with the right product, in the right way, we would all be happier.

#7 You need a QUALIFIED pest controller

As a reputable pest control company, we tell all our customers our qualifications, as well as specialist training courses and qualifications that we have.
Unfortunately, not every other company or controller does the same. Although they look like a professional company with a glossy website and a sparkling pest control van, have you asked them the important question?
Are they qualified and experienced for this kind of work?

#8 We use only safe and humane treatments

Pest problems are a nuisance. Some people are embarrassed, others disgusted or scared (or all three!). But all our customers have one concern: are treatments safe?
Yes, they are. We assess the problem, the location and so on, and use the right treatment in the right place. And, all our treatments are humane because no animals or rodent should suffer. And no, you won’t find dead rats all over the garden.

#9 Not all pests are bad or dangerous

You are right – Wasps and bees in your home are not welcome visitors. In fact, wasps in the garden can be a nuisance.
However, not all pests are bad in all spaces. Bees pollinate flowers and food crops, providing they are not making their home in your home, they are best left. Ladybirds can be a nuisance in your garden but they eat greenflies and white flies, the horrible critters that cause damage to food crops and again, unless they are really causing an issue, should be left alone.

#10 Talk to your neighbours

Pests are simply animals, rodents, birds and insects that have become a nuisance. They don’t always become a problem because of something you have done, or not done as the case may be. The actual problem may lie elsewhere which is why alerting your neighbours to a problem could pay dividends.

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