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Friday, 10 February 2017

10 Things a pest Controller Wants You to Know – Part 1

10 Things a pest Controller Wants You to Know – Part 1

If the sight of a rodent or insect in or around your home sends you reaching for our number, you are not alone. We are becoming less tolerant of pests sharing our space and thus, more people are turning to the professional services of pest control technicians.
We deal with similar pest control problems on a daily basis. And this is what we want you to know…

#1 A tidy kitchen is enough to keep your home pest-free

Your hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen may on a par with a Michelin starred restaurant but this is not enough to keep flies and ants, and other pests, at bay.
Why? Moisture, steam, heaps of food – three things that many pests find simply irresistible. From rats to mice, sugar-loving ants and protein-hungry flies, your kitchen at the peak of cleanliness is an ideal place for a pest to move in.

#2 Everyone needs to prevent pests better

Bedbugs are a growing problem in the UK, as well as across other countries. Notoriously difficult to get rid of, most people think that because they maintain good hygiene the bedroom is immune to these lentil-shaped critters.
Bedbugs don’t care about moisture or food as they want one thing: your blood. And frankly, nothing can really stop them.
Hygiene is great – regularly freshening your bed, washing at a higher temperature every now and then, vacuuming the mattress and the bed frame are all well and good – but you also need to be uber-vigilant. You know those upcycled items and second-hand clothing bargains you got? Have you checked them?

#3 We do a great job but you must do some of the work too

We work with many people who are eternally grateful for ridding their home of a pest. But our heart sinks when they call us back a few months later with not only the same problem, but worse.
This is because our prevention advice has not been followed. Don’t want to be under siege from rats? Cover your bin and keep it covered and so on.

#4 But please don’t try and fix the problem yourself

Some pests are easier to get rid of than others. But – and it’s a big but – some shop bought treatments are useless, a waste of money and can, in some cases, make the whole problem worse.
Bug bombs that can be bought don’t kill the bug, they scatter it about your home. The poison you have laid has been eaten by next door’s cat, the consequences of which don’t bear thinking about.
Don’t risk it: call us.

#5 Don’t see a pest? Doesn’t mean you don’t have any…

Not a nice thought but when you see a pest, the infestation is usually at a point where the scale of it is quite significant.
For example, in winter, when the weather is cold and wet, rodents – that is, rats – can be flooded out of their river bank or waterside homes thus they are on a quest to find a nice quiet, human-free space. And yes, you’ve guessed it, your garage/garden shed/storage box/cellar and so on are the ideal place.

Join us for part two for the second half of the 10 things we want you to know…
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