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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Could your business be fined for not dealing with a pest problem?

Could your business be fined for not dealing with a pest problem?

Thankfully, the cases of businesses allowing pest infestations to continue unabated are few and far between. 
But as we go about our daily lives, we assume that local businesses and retailers are safe places to shop, local cafes and restaurants are safe places to eat and that the takeaway we just order will be hygienically prepared in a hygienic kitchen. 
When this doesn’t happen and businesses are called to account, the fine can be pretty hefty. So, what are your responsibilities as a business when it comes to pest control?
Pests and your business
Pest control is an often-overlooked part of running a business, with owners and staff only realising there is a problem until it becomes visually apparent you are sharing the building – inside and out – with an unwanted pest.
Broadly speaking, pests can be divided into three categories:
  1. Rodents – rats and mice, for example
  2. Birds – pigeons and seagulls can cause problems, as can other birds
  3. Insects – cockroaches, fleas, flies, ants, wasps and bees are some of the more common pest infestations
As a business, you should;
  • Be vigilant
Training staff on how to store items, to keep areas tidy, to be keep the area clean and so on is an important first step. 
And this isn’t just about inside the business property, it is outside too. Spending time on ensuring that rubbish bags are properly sealed so that it is harder for vermin to get in is a key example. Pests are like humans; they want somewhere safe to nest. They also want plenty of food. If your rubbish is piling up and easily accessible, they will keep on coming back.
It is imperative to understand that prevention is key because once a pest problem starts, it can be difficult to get rid of. 
  • Take active prevention steps
Businesses, especially food businesses, are expected to take active, prevention steps to stop pests becoming a problem. 
If you understand the pest that could be attracted to your business, they you can take steps to keep them away. For example, engaging a local pest contractor on a service contract to be checking and dealing with rodents is a move that should keep all kinds of pests at bay. 
  • Deal with a problem promptly
Pests don’t go away. If you see one cockroach, there are thousands more in the premises. If you see one rat, it will have a litter of young and they will continue to breed. Pests are rarely lone animals and as such, by not dealing with it, you are not only allowing the problem to grow, you are also acting against the law. 
Can we help?
As a local pest control contractor, we already work with many local businesses offering a discreet pest control service in and around their retail units, factories, warehouses, feed stores etc. 

It costs less that you think too – and certainly a lot less that the huge fines you could face for not dealing with a pest control problem!

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