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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

9 Top Tips for Keeping Rats and Mice at Bay This Winter

9 Top Tips for Keeping Rats and Mice at Bay This Winter

As winter arrives on our doorstep, it brings with it rain, grey clouds and a chill wind.
It can also usher in rats and mice. Just like us humans, these rodents are not too keen on the cold, the wind and the rain, preferring instead somewhere warm. Even better, if there are planet of nesting space and materials to hand, as well as a handy constantly-replenished food source.
Yes, you’ve guessed it, your home including the basement, garage and sheds, are perfect places for a rat and its family, or a tiny mouse to make their homes. 
They bring with them many problems, however, which is why dealing with a rodent issue is essential;
  • They are incontinent – that’s right, as they scamper along, they are constantly urinating and pooping. They secrete a rather nasty bacterium too which if ingested by humans, can make us very ill indeed. 
  • They gnaw EVERYTHING – they must keep those two long front teeth down to size and the only way is to keep them filed is to gnaw at everything, from wood to plastic, to cabling and more. 
  • They shred EVERYTHING as well as gnawing, they also want to make their nests as warm and cosy for their young as they possibly can. They shred soft materials to make a nice bed, and again that means fabrics, stuffing from stored soft furnishings, cardboard, paper, you name it, they can gnaw at it or shred it. 
Can you make your home rodent proof?
You can certainly make it a lot less attractive;
  1. Store items in plastic sealed boxes and containers, rather than cardboard boxes which rats and mice will easily demolish
  2. Keep food in air tight containers and make sure that any rubbish is dispose of quickly
  3. If you can and it is safe to do so, cover vents with plastic
  4. Seal cracks and holes (even small ones!), paying attention to small cracks and crevices around pipe work
  5. Give the exterior of your home a once over too, replacing any missing weather stripping and so on so that rats and mice cannot find their way in to basements etc.
  6. Keep gutters and drainpipes running freely too – rats can climb, especially if they are given a helping hand to do so!
  7. You may love your log burner but storing wood too close to your home can attract rodents to enjoy the cover it provides – stack it at least 20 feet from your home and 5 feet of the ground (if you can)
  8. Inspects insulation and wiring for gnaw marks. If you do spot an issue with cabling and wires, get the cable replaced as it could be a fire hazard
  9. If you spot rodent poop, hear scurrying or see a rat or mouse, contact a local pest controller NOW!

Rats and mice don’t go away. In fact, by not dealing with the problem, it will just get bigger as rodents are prolific breeders. They will carry on causing damage and problems!

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