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Monday, 14 November 2016

Would You Rent a Home with a Pest Problem?

Would You Rent a Home with a Pest Problem?

A recent report from Shelter found that 40% of rented properties in England do not reach acceptable standards. As well as mould and damp, there was also mention of pest problems, such as silver fish.
Sometimes, disrepair at a property – either owned or rented – can lead to problem with pests. But who is responsible for pest control at private and social housing rented properties?
What is a pest?
There is no legal definition of what pest or vermin is. But they are generally thought to include rodents, such as rats and mice, cockroaches, ants, fleas, mites and bedbugs.
Who is responsible for dealing with a pest infestation?
Working out who is responsible for dealing with a pest problem depends on several factors, including;
  • Whether there is any mention of pest control and responsibilities in the tenancy agreement
  • Whether your home has a pest infestation before you moved in
  • If the problem is caused or made worse by the property being in a poor state of repair
  • Whether you have contributed to pest infestation by doing or not doing something
Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to work out who is responsible which can add to a tenant’s distress when they realise they have a pest problem. An Environmental Health Officer from your local council may be able to help. They can identify the pest and the source of problem, which usually reveals who is responsible for dealing with the problem. 
Social housing tenants
Local authority tenants or those living in social housing complexes should contact their local housing department or call the social housing group to whom you pay rent. 
They will often be clear about what pest problems they will take responsibility for. For example, rodent infestations can be a problem in many areas and considering the danger to human health, most local authorities and social housing providers will act quickly.
In some cases, where there is a pest problem in the house – such as fleas or mites – you may have to contribute to the cost of treatment. In the cases of some vermin, such as cockroaches, the local authority will also act quickly as allowing such an infestation to continue can lead a bigger and costlier problems in the longer term. 
Private tenants
Unfortunately, not all landlords take their responsibilities seriously, leaving tenants to live in properties that are in disrepair. If you rented your property through a letting agent, contact them for advice relating to pest control issues. 
Can a local, professional pest control company help?
Yes, we can!
Before we act on any infestation, we will always check what the problem is and the extent of it. We also realise that as a tenant, you have concerns about who will pay the bill. We may be able to offer advice on this too. 
ALWAYS get the problem dealt with!

Sharing your home with any pest is unpleasant but when the pest could make you ill, it is a huge concern – and it must be dealt with.

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