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Friday, 4 November 2016

The Top 10 House Home Pests

The Top 10 House Pests

Pests are everywhere and most of the time, we live quite happily alongside insects in the garden, birds and rodents. Providing they don’t encroach on our living space, everything is just fine. 
Do you know which are the most common pests in the UK?

#1 Mice
In top spot, we have mice. Unlike other rodents, many people find mice cute but they can still cause damage by gnawing everything in sight, as well as leaving droppings all over the place too. Mice are active all year round and in winter, they will often seek safe and warm refuge in our homes. Cute they may be but you will need to deal with the problem. Talk to us!
#2 Moths
You may not have expected the Common Clothes Moth in the number two spot but moths are a real nuisance in the home. They lay sticky eggs on natural fibres and when the larvae emerge, they chew the fibres before flying off. The perfectly round holes they leave is costly damage in carpets, sofas, clothes etc. 
#3 Rats
The Brown Rat is very common in the UK, with many people noticing the signs of infestation such as droppings, teeth marks and so on. Very elusive, you are unlikely to see one unless they are confident there are no predators around. A pest controller can deal quickly and effectively with a rat problem so don’t waste time setting traps or laying poison as shop bought remedies are rarely effective. 
#4 Bedbugs
Bedbug infestations are a real problem because we are travelling more, hence bringing them home from holiday or business trips, and people being unaware how to treat an infestation properly. As well as chemical treatment, there needs to be deep cleaning too.
#5 Wasps
With a nasty sting in their tail, wasps can be a real nuisance when they decide to make their nest close to your home or business. A large nest can have 25,000 wasps in it and can be found in lofts, wall cavities, trees, bushes and underground. ALWAYS get help with a wasp problem. 
#6 Flies (of all kinds)
Half way through and at number six we have flies. From fruit flies to blue bottles, flies spread germs and bacteria as they hop from ‘animal waste’ to uncovered food on your kitchen worktop. They congregate where there is rotting protein, so animal carcasses or rotting fruit, that type of thing. Find the source and get rid of it, and the fly problem goes with it. 
#7 Ants
Not a health issue, but at number 7 in our top 10 list, are ants. They scurry about looking for food and when they find it, bring the rest of the colony with it.  Common in spring and summer, they die back in autumn and winter. 
#8 Spiders
For people with a fear of spiders, autumn can be a testing time as spider come into the home to escape the autumnal rain and wind. They are beneficial, easting flies but not a welcome visitor when you are finding several BIG spiders in the house…
#9 Cockroaches
Cockroaches will either like the cool of the basement or the heat of the kitchen. Like rats and mice, a cockroach infestation is one for a professional pest controller. 
#10 Woodworm

And finally, woodworm (it’s actually a beetle) live in wooden things, from wood trusses to furniture. Although not necessarily rampant, there is a noted increase in woodworm calls because people are upcycling and recycling furniture, effectively introducing woodworm into their homes. If you buy second-hand furniture, check for the tell-tale pin prick holes. 

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