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Thursday, 7 July 2016

5 of the Most Common Pests in the UK

5 of the Most Common Pests in the UK
With the summer months upon us, it can be easy to forget that we share the world we live in with some remarkably common pests. Although some summer pests are well-known – like avoiding wasps and bees – there are other pests that are incredibly common during the summer months. 
  1. Mice – cute looking, mice are no as feared as rats but they can still do an enormous amount of damage. Mice, like rabbits and rats, have teeth that are constantly growing so they need to gnaw to keep these front teeth well filed. They are active all year round and like all pests, like safe, warm and dry places to make their nests. Your garage, cellar, attic etc. is a great place to do this hence, you may see mice in the summer months. You need to get the problem dealt with as they can spread disease.
  2. Common clothes moths – flying in through open windows on hot summer days unnoticed, these moths lay their sticky eggs in dark places and on materials that contain at least 25% natural fibres. Unseen and undetected, the emerging larvae eat the material to which they are attached leaving more or less, perfectly round holes. A nuisance as well as expensive damage to repair but not a danger to health.
  3. Wasps and bees – the biggest fear of most people during the summer months are the wasp and bee, mainly because they sting and also because their behaviour seems unpredictable. However, bees only really sting under duress and wasps sting when they think they or their nest is under attack. If you have a nest close by, get a professional to deal with it as soon as possible.
  4. Rats – like mice, these pesky rodents are active in the summer months too. Virulent breeders, if they have a nest of young to feed, they will become confident and brazen in approaching a food source, even if there are humans nearby. Spreading disease on every surface that they touch, getting rid of rats is a code red priority! Always call a reputable pest controller.
  5. Flies – a really common problem in the UK during the summer months is flies. Buzzing around, looking for food they spent their short lives doing nothing but feeding and laying eggs. And they don’t mind where they do it – dog poop or the food on your plate, they are not fussy eaters. Flies are attracted to high-protein foods, including organic matter like dog faeces and rotting animal carcasses, or the food in your bin. If you notice an infestation or more flies than usual buzzing around, find the food source means finding the solution to your problem. But it can be hidden and fairly unpleasant – and pest controllers know where to look. 

There are of course, other pests that are active all year round – like bedbugs, spiders and woodworm – but if you suspect you have a summer pest problem, why not give us a call?

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