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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

I have fleas in my house but I don’t have pets!

I have fleas in my house but I don’t have pets!
Many people commonly associate fleas with cats and dogs. As well-known carriers and hosts of the flea, it is no surprise but we get calls from customers who tell us they have spotted fleas, but they can’t have fleas surely, if they have no pets!
The uncomfortable truth is that fleas like humans as much as they enjoy a tasty blood meal on the back of a prized pooch or moggy. And getting rid of them can be just as hard too. 
Not just homes with pets
We work with customers who spot fleas in their soft furnishings but find this hard to understand as they are a pet-free home.
  • Residual problem - In many cases, fleas in the carpets can be a residual problem from previous tenants or home owners. This is why many letting agents rely on pest controllers to deal with recently vacated properties to ensure that any undetected critters are well and truly dealt with before the tenants arrive. 

  • Hitching a lift – Fleas find their way in to the home in numerous ways, such as attached to you, your clothing, your bag, your kids and so on. We are far more transient in our every day lives, commuting several miles to work, sharing trains, tubes and buses and so on. Fleas are opportunistic, stopping at nothing to find their next blood meal.
  • Vacant nest in or near your property – sometimes, nature works against us too and with many birds also carrying fleas, when they nest in or near your property, they can be inadvertently introducing fleas into your home. This is why if you don’t have pets, a pest controller may spend time looking outside of your property, checking for old nests that could be causing a problem.
  • Visiting cats/dogs – as hard as it may be to comprehend, you know when next door’s cat pops in for an afternoon nap or treat? He or she could be leaving behind a delightful deposit of a flea or two. And once they find the delightful warmth and humidity of your home, a micro-climate perfect for their breeding needs, they will happily make their home there too. 
Can fleas be prevented?
They are not just prevalent in summer although this is the peak buying time for flea prevention treatments simply because many people still believe that the problem is worse during the summer months. 
If you do have pets, regular checking and treating them for fleas (see your vet as not all prevention products are effective) will stave off a flea infestation. If you do spot a flea or two hopping about, you need to take action. But always read the label of any shop bought remedies you buy as there are some specific instructions that need to be followed. 

If the problem persists, contact your friendly, local pest control company!

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