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Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Benefits of Buying into a Pest Control Franchise

Franchises can be a great way of buying into a ready-made business. The pest control industry in the UK is thriving, enough to encourage more people, male and female, to become qualified pest control technicians. 
Starting your own business as a pest controller can be tricky, as most customers will tend to rely on well-known, reputable brands. With some larger companies also dominating the industry, finding a way in can be tough. 
One solution is to buy a franchise and this offers many pest controllers several benefits:
#1 Piggyback onto a successful track record
A pest control company that has developed a successful business model with great results is a franchise opportunity worth looking at. Any company offering franchise opportunities will need to provide a great deal of information to potential franchisees before they make their final decision. They want the best for their business, and this means growing it with the right people. 
#2 Branding
When an industry is dominated by strong brands, it can be tough for the sole trader to get in front of them and tout for business. There is a saying if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em and this is exactly what a franchisee is buying into. 
#3 Training and qualifications
As a pest control technician, there is a clear expectation that you will be qualified and fully trained in identification of all pests common in the UK, the safe storage, transport and use of chemicals and insecticides, as well as having a whole raft of methods that you can use to solve a pest problem quickly and easily. It is a fast moving industry so as new methods come to fruition, with most franchise opportunities, you get the chance to train in the latest techniques too.
#4 Ongoing support
As a sole trader, you rise and fall by your own activities and ability to run and grow your business. As rewarding as it is, it can be tough and there are sometimes just not enough hours in a day. Operational support is provided with a franchise and one that is welcomed by all franchisees. 
#5 Marketing support and help
You will still need to grow your business in your area, meaning that you still need to be in all the places that potential customers will look for a local pest control technician. From online marketing, including a website, to adverts in papers, leaflets and so on, franchises will often provide excellent marketing support and help.

A franchise is a great opportunity for many people and with the pest control industry looking set to grow and grow in the UK, is a franchise the right, lucrative opportunity for you?

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