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Monday, 25 January 2016

Winter pest proofing – something our experts can do!

Winter pest proofing – something our experts can do!

Just when you thought there was no more bad news to be had this year, being told that mice can squeeze through a gap as small as a five pence piece will probably make you wonder if there is anything that you can do to ward of the infestation of winter pests that are marching towards your property due to the winter climate conditions.
The answer is that there are several things that you can do to make your home and outbuildings as pest-proofed as possible. Follow our 5-point guide to avoid sharing your home with common pests…
  1. Cracks and holes – they all need sealing but if you think there are none, take another walk around your property. Small gaps around waste pipes are all small enough for rodents to climb through as well as pesky critters such as spiders and ants (although ants won’t be a problem until the warmer spring weather). Use caulk, cement or expandable foam. There are also a range of other suitable sealants but make sure you use the right one. If unsure it's best to give us a call.
  2. Chimneys – not a usual source of entry IF you have a real fire which you use on a regular basis throughout the winter. But, if you don’t use it all, then capping the chimney is perfect for keeping off nesting birds. The birds themselves are a nuisance but can also cause fleas and other tiny bugs to find their way into your home. 
Top tip – store fire wood a few metres away from your home and off the ground to keep it as bug free as possible. 
  1. Under doors – we all know that gaps under doors are bad for letting in cold air and all that lovely warm air in our home is lost to the outside but, it is also the perfect way for tiny insects to make their way in. As soon as temperatures tumble, spiders look for somewhere warm and relatively safe to have their babies, having mated in the autumn. So, get those draught excluders fitted to the bottom of the door and seal those gaps! And don’t forget, a ¼ inch gap is room enough for a mouse to squeeze through too. 
  2. Get gardening – it might not be your favourite place in winter but, the warmer months of summer and spring, including autumn can be the perfect time to lop back overhanging trees and prune bushes and so on. Having them too near the house provides shelter for all kinds of pests to make their way around your property unseen and unchallenged. Clearing some of this shrubbery back means that pests are also pushed away from your property. 
  3. Ventilation – on one hand, we are told to make our homes not only pest proof but more energy efficient, but on the other hand our homes need to be ventilated so that they stay dry. Clearly, sealing up vents and so force is not the right move for the interior of your property. Chicken wire or mesh over the top of the vent can make it harder for some pests to gain entry such as mice and, for the loft space, prevent bats and squirrels making their way in. 
  4. Call SOS Pest Control - We have years of experience in finding potential pest problems and proofing against them. We offer friendly helpful services at an affordable price, so call us today on 07879 473298.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Enjoy winter and the New Year, without inviting in unwanted pest guests…

Enjoy winter and the New Year, without inviting in unwanted pest guests…

Winter is a time of enjoying frosty morning and evenings by the fire. It is the time to look forward to the festive season and all that it brings…
It sounds idyllic. However, winter can also be grey, damp, dank and full of rainy days and gale force winds. The problem with winter is that it can be the time of year when some pest problems escalate from non-existent to infestation in a blink of an eye. 
Understanding when and why pests could potentially become a problem is one tool in attempting to prevent a problem becoming worse. 
Who doesn’t love a good dollop of the fluffy white snow? Great for hours of sledging fun, hilarious snowball fights and whole families of snowmen in front gardens across the country.
However, in the UK with the first flurries of snow falling from the sky, most major arterial routes grind to a halt. A severe dollop of snow can cause gridlock and also stop basic services such as rubbish and recycling collections.
The problem with this is obvious – rubbish starts to accumulate and with many local authorities also recycling food waste and so on, the piles of recycling and refuse make obvious feeding places for many different pests including rats, mice and a great breeding ground for various insects too. 
Foxes also enjoy rummaging through bins and so on, causing a nuisance rather than posing a health risk as rodents do to human health. 
The solution? Make sure all bins and recycling containers have a close fitting lid, weighting the lid down if necessary. If you can, and it is safe to do so, take rubbish to the local recycling centre if possible. 
Rain and flooding
Just like us, the majority of pests enjoying living in a place that is safe, warm and secure from predators or things that want to hurt us or damage our home. In most cases, pests don’t want to share their home with us, just as we don’t want to share our home with them.
Unfortunately, the weather can mean that some animals and rodents are displaced from their homes due to heavy rain and floods and thus, they seek a new or temporary one. In some cases, outbuildings, garages, sheds, our homes and so on make perfect places to create a new home. For us, however, it can be a bit of a nuisance. 
Rats and mice chew everything in sight, as well as leading a trail or urine and droppings that can be dangerous to human health if inadvertently ingested. 
Squirrels can also be a little perturbed by poor weather, preferring the sanctuary offered by a roof space than the local woodland.
The solution? Make sure, as far as possible, that any holes or gaps that a rodent, bird and so on could use as an entry/exit point is blocked!!! Squirrels, for example, can squeeze into a space through a hole only fractionally larger than their head thus, even the smallest holes need to be sealed. 
SOS Pest Control specialise in identifying potential entry points for all rodents and insects, so if you have a concern please give us a call today and we can provide a free, no obligation quote and assessment.
Winter can be a time of crystal clear, cold blue skies and roaring fires but, make sure your home, cellars and so on are pest proof too by calling us today. 
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