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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Rats and poison immunity

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has issued a stark warning to home and business owners this winter that rats are becoming not only immune to over-the-counter, mass produced pelleted poisons but are becoming stronger and bigger too.

What can you do this winter to keep your property rat-free?

They have been dubbed in the popular press as ‘mutant rodents’, rats that are immune to poisons and are becoming alarmingly big and strong too. These super-rats have been seen in the cities rather than in towns or more rural locations, with residents fearing that their homes, as well as businesses could be under siege.

What are the solutions?

Fortunately, as BPCA went on to explain, there are solutions to dealing with this super-rat.
Some rats are still immune to the over-the-counter poisons but, as people are handling poison which can cause them harm, as well as pets and wildlife, the obvious solution is to get hold of an expert, professional pest controller.

The products available to buy are not as strong as the professional-grade materials and rodenticides that pest controllers can use. This is because to buy and use them, strict legislation needs to be adhered to and pest controllers are the right people to contact.
But, there are other practical preventative solutions that home and business owners can take.

Steps to keeping rats at bay, including giant rodents

With announcements that some local authorities are looking at monthly or three weekly bin collections, many homeowners are concerned that once again, they will be paying the price with increased vermin and pests in their gardens.

Laying poison in the open is not a safe or effective solution, understanding the habits of rodents can be fundamental in preventing an infestation:

·       Sheds, garages and outdoor buildings should be sealed as much as possible – rats can squeeze through a whole of 15mm.  Don’t forget to check vents and pipes for damage too.

·       Get gardening – overgrown gardens make perfect cover for rats and other pests to move around undetected. Cut back growth and keep it short.

·       Remove or block access to bins and compost bins too – in winter, like all animals and rodents, their natural food supply becomes short thus, they will look to other sources of food. Bins and compost bins etc., make perfect food sources for rats.

·       Get a cat – if you don’t have cat, and are not averse to getting one, research has shown that a cat around a property can be a great deterrent.

Rats in and around your property is unacceptable. They spread disease as well as cause a huge amount of damage. If you see one, there are others – call for pest control advice and treatment.
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