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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Myths about fleas, your pet and your home...

Many pet owners believe that with the first frosts of winter, the flea population dies out. This is not the case and this perpetuating myth means that some pet owners are leaving their homes wide open to the flea becoming entrenched in the soft furnishings.
It may be winter, but your pet can still have a flea or two, but there are more flea myths…

#1 Treat the pet only

Spot a jumping flea on Fido or think you have spotted eggs on Misty? Identifying the flea is one thing, effective treatment of your pooch and feline friend is also important for their own comfort as much as anything else. But remember, the pet carries them in to the house and so treating the home is important too.

#2 There was only one or two…

… that you could see. Where there is one flea, there will be others. More importantly, there could be hundreds of eggs, all waiting to hatch out. Once they have done, it only takes the flea a few days to reach sexual maturity and start breeding themselves. You have been warned!

#3 My house is spotlessly clean and so fleas won’t live here

Where would you rather live – somewhere cold and inhospitable, or warm and dry? Unfortunately, no matter how clean your home is, it is the heat that is not only attractive to the flea, but also perfect for laying eggs and so on.

#4 My pets have flea collars and I use a spot on treatment for prevention

It sounds easy and simple but, there are concerns regarding the use of treatments. It is just as easy, for example, to overdose your pet and cause them to become ill or, worst case scenario, contribute to their death. Use the latest recommended treatments prescribed by your vet and steer clear of ‘easy’ solution offered over the counter.

#5 Once treated, the problem is solved

There are times when a pest can become deeply embedded in an area, both inside the home and within the immediate vicinity outside too. Some homeowners have found that even though they have treated pets and inside their homes, that the fleas do not seem to completely vanish.

#6 Calling a pest controller to deal with the issue is expensive

Dealing with a flea infestations is simple – when you know how. When you have in-depth knowledge of the four stages of the lifecycle of a flea, knowing what treatments to use at the right time is second nature. Understanding the length of this life cycle and when a deep clean is required, but also the length of time the treatment needs to work.

In fact, when you consider the advice you will also receive as part of this service, the price is even more cost-effective. And, we also guarantee our work.  
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