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Friday, 4 September 2015

Mice Control & Removal Advice

Mice Control & Removal Advice

Unlike rats, this particular rodent is not as feared but no more welcome in our homes. They are more elusive and secretive in their habits thus, they are not a common sight.
When they decide to share their home with us, however, we might not think of them in the same way. And no surprising when you consider the problems with mice.

Species of mice

There are three main species of mice you are likely to come across here in the UK – the House Mouse, the Field Mouse and the Yellow Necked Mouse.
None of these mice grow very big but, they can become a nuisance very quickly. In the main, they prefer to live outdoors but as the cold weather bites in winter, just like humans, they seek shelter and warmth. Finding the perfect place to nest means that when breeding season arrive in the spring, they offspring can be safe and warm too.
However, they are prolific breeders; one cute little mouse in the cellar can mean several mice within weeks, with the female mouse capable of having 100 mice every year, if the conditions are right and food plentiful.

Damage caused by mice

As a rodent, they gnaw. Farmers are all too aware of the damage mice can do to a harvest of crops and feed. Gnawing in the home can cause significant issues as they will gnaw anything – electric cables, furnishings, cardboard, more or less any kind of item or material.
Mice are also thought to be continually incontinent too. In other words, wherever they go they are constantly peeing and pooping. The bacteria in the urine and faeces can make us ill and so, like other pests, if you spot a little mouse enjoying the comforts and delights of your home, you need to act and act quickly.

Professional pest control

The safest and quickest option to a mouse-free home is to call in the SOS Pest Controllers. With qualifications and experience, we have all kinds of solutions that have the potential to be humanely effective.
We will discuss all the various options open to catching mice within or around your home, but there is the adage of prevention is better than cure. This is certainly true when it comes to mice.
They can survive on the smallest of breadcrumbs and tasty morsels and so if you think you may have mice, it pays to step up the housekeeping and cleaning duties. From moving the kitchen appliances and sweeping and mopping behind and underneath them, to ensuring that no food or crumbs are left for them to nibble on.
Any leftover food needs to be stored in air tight containers and so on, as well as removing clutter and general detritus in and around the home. It also goes without saying that wherever you suspect the mouse or mice have been, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly with anti-bacterial or disinfectant.

As unpleasant as it may be, mice are a rodent infestation that can be quickly dealt with. If you think you have mice in or around your home, call on the services of SOS Pest Control today!

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