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Monday, 22 June 2015

Insect Information in Kent

Insect Information for Summer

As the warm months of spring give way to the hotter months of summer, we can all enjoy the heat and the sun but, with summer comes unwelcome and unwanted visitors. As we become less tolerant of sharing our home and outdoor space with pests, the professional pest controller is busier than ever, helping customers enjoy an insect-free summer…

Here is our quick guide to getting rid of the 10 most common summer-time pests;

·       Ants – with two species of ant in the UK, they are not so much a hazard to human health, more of an unpleasant nuisance in larger numbers. Some stay in the garden, others find their way in to the home looking for sugary foods.

·       Bees – not usually hated, but feared for the sting in their tail, sharing your home or garden with a swarm of bees is not a pleasant experience. Some swarms can be re-located rather than exterminated as bees are known to be great pollinators.

·       Bedbugs – an increasing problem as we travel more, both abroad and within the UK. Getting rid of bedbugs can be a long term programme involving through cleaning and application of heat.

·       Carpet beetles – leaving similar damage to the moth, it is imperative to get a diagnosis first before treatment is applied. Look out for woolly bears, the small caterpillar-like grubs in carets, as well as soft furnishings. They will also leave holes where they have eaten the carpet!

·       Cockroaches – one of the pests that do present HAZARDS TO HUMAN HEALTH! Spreading all kinds of bacteria, seeing one cockroach means there are others lurking. This is not a problem that will clear up on its own!

·       Fleas – carried in on pets and on us too, fleas can be a nuisance in the home. Biting us around the ankles and wrists is one sign you may have a flea problem, as well as a pet that keep scratching! As well as thorough cleaning, any pets will need treating as well as strong chemical treatment within the home (but don’t worry, it is safe!)

·       Moths – causing similar damage to the carpet beetle, such as holes in stored clothing, carpets and soft furnishings, moth pupae etc. will need to be eradicated in order to stop the damage from getting worse but, you need to know where to look…

·       Silverfish – a ‘helpful’ pest in that the appearance of the silverfish in a property can be indicative there is an issue with damp. Deal with the problem, and deal with the silverfish is the right course of action. Not hazardous to human health!

·       Spiders – feared by some, the spider is great for keeping our homes insect free but NOT if their numbers are becoming out of control. Weather can contribute to spiders seeking shelter in our homes but they can be dealt with; just call us!

·       Wasps – delivering a nasty sting which at worst can be fatal, at best deeply unpleasant and painful, NEVER tamper with wasp nest – ALWAYS CALL A PROFESSIONAL PEST CONTROLLER!

·       Woodworm – again not hazardous to human health but, if left unchecked in a property, can seriously weaken supporting wooden structures. Not a worm, but a wood-boring beetle, treatment is relatively easy and cost-effective, if you get a professional pest control company on the job…
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