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Monday, 22 June 2015

Bee Removal in Kent

Bees in Kent

Bees, like wasps, are yellow and black striped on their bodies – although some bees tend to be more orange and black – but the warning is the same: stay away, I have a sting in my tail.
Despite this rather unfortunate sting in the tail, bees tend to be looked on more favourably than the wasp, seen as aggressive and ‘useless’. The bee well known for being a great pollinator of plants and flowers, as well as the honey bee creating a delicious sugary substance that is delightful on toast, as well as having medicinal properties.
And bees certainly have magical qualities that make it much easier to understand why the bee is favoured…
·       They are the only insect in the world that makes a food we can eat
·       Honey has everything in it that we need, from vitamins to enzymes
·       1 honey bee will make half a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime
·       With only one queen bee keeping order of anything between 20 to 60,000 bees, colonies are well-ordered places
·       The queen bee can lay 1,500 eggs a day
·       Bees have been around 30 million years
·       And the venom of a 1,000 bees would be enough to be fatal to a human

Are bees protected in the UK?

Many people do believe that bees are protected or should be protected as they are fabulous pollinators, and essential for gardeners, farmers and so on. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 list protected species in the UK, but neither the honey bee, bumble bee nor any other species of bee is included under this act.
If you have bees in your garden, then consider yourself lucky but, if the colony is too close for comfort then it is time to act.

Can I deal with it myself?

Bees, like wasps, can deliver a nasty sting although they are loath to do so as in some cases it can spell the end of life for the bee. But there is another, hidden and sometimes fatal danger that lurks…
… some people can be allergic to bee stings but, until they are stung, will not know about it. This anaphylactic reaction can be fatal, unless emergency treatment is received as soon as possible. Some people know they are allergic to wasp and/or bee stings and carry an auto-injector pen containing adrenalin, but many other will not be aware that they are potentially allergic.
For this reason alone, do NOT attempt to deal with a bee colony or hive yourself! ALWAYS call a professional pest controller.

Not always exterminated

Unlike wasps, bees are not always exterminated; some swarms will be collected and taken to a local apiary. This is like a ‘bee nursery’ and means that the bees can go about their pollinating, but without encroaching on human ‘spaces’ too much!
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