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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cat & Dog Flea Treatments & Control in Kent

If you haven’t done so already it is that time of year to make sure your pets have been administered their monthly flea treatment so that you can avoid a flea infestation in your home or office.

Ideally you should treat your cat or dog year round but if not then begin the course of treatment in May as the fleas begin a more robust attack on your pets further increasing the risk of an infestation.

Continue the course until at least November, when the weather cools, as your pet will be less likely to pick up fleas from outside in the winter months.

Fleas are currently waiting to jump onto you or your pets during the summer months and lay waiting in long grass (lawns, parks, woodlands) for the next passer by. You and your pets will then carry the fleas home allowing them the perfect environment to multiply. Next thing you know you have a very irritating flea problem.

If this is the case please give us a call to discuss your flea infestation problem, or if you would like more advice on reducing the risk of an infestation please get in touch.
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